Welcome to Cook for Thought! We bring wellness centered, curriculum integrated culinary experiences wherever curious minds are hungry for knowledge.

Cook for Thought is a fully equipped culinary program, where participants learn professional cooking techniques, increase their ingredient knowledge base and execute recipes, while reinforcing core curriculum standards of math, science, language arts, social studies, and overall well-being awareness.

Cook for Thought teaches more than cooking classes; we teach through cooking.

Our grade specific curriculum is a dynamic culmination of professional expertise in the areas of Nutrition, Culinary Instruction, Education and Motherhood.

It’s our belief that through the whimsical hands-on experiences of cooking, we can instill multi-sensorial learning while developing the vital skill of correctly nourishing ourselves, our loved ones and our planet, creating a true sense of global citizenship.

Please come in, find out about our amazing programs, creative force and get in touch!

Take a look at some cooking fun we’ve been having while learning:

Cook for Thought Intro